Rum Point

Snorkel the Crystal Blue Waters of Rum Point

Rum Point is one of the most popular attractions in the Cayman Islands and a must-visit when you vacation on the island. This picturesque spot was named when barrels of rum were found beached from a nearby shipwreck. Today, its laid-back and peaceful vibe brings a large number of visitors every year and there's a good reason why.  Think white-sand beaches and palms gently swaying in the island breeze. 


Make your Cayman Island trip memorable by snorkeling in the Carribean Sea at Rum Point. Spot all of the ocean's amazing wildlife in their natural habitats! With clear visibility of the sea and warm water temperatures, Rum Point has the perfect conditions for snorkeling year-round. If you prefer to stay dry, lounge in the hammocks while reading a book under the beautiful palm trees.